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Projects > Polska Platforma Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego (PPBW)

Polska Platforma Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego (PPBW)


Polska Platforma Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego

Polish Platform of Homeland Security is a major research project on issues related to the widely understood security. It involves representatives of the scientific community (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, Poznan University of Technology, University of Bialystok and others), the recovery of bodies (Provincial Police Department of Poznan), as well as companies (including as big as the PKP SA).

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center has decided to base its contribution to the work of a consortium of Polish Platform of Homeland Security on ensuring a secure ICT infrastructure. The complex project Managing information and knowledge in services requiring an increased level of security focuses on the development of architecture for secure services to assist in maintaining public order and security.

In addition to proposing a skeleton service architecture, PSNC plans to prepare a pilot project useful in the operational work of the police: a mechanism of integration of electronic crimes information. An additional element of security of the entire system will be automatically responding to threats intrusion detection system.

More information:

  • - the Web page of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security society,
  • platforma[at] ? Project official contact point (e-mail).

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