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An integrated, Grid enabled workbench tool for Grid application users, Grid developers and Grid operators based on the Eclipse platform

The g-Eclipse framework will be the future workbench bringing new applications, new users and new Grid resource providers together in the European Research Area. Compared to the world-wide-web, g-Eclipse will be the "web-browser" for the more complex, world wide Grid. The g-Eclipse framework has the potential to be an integral part of the PC desktop of every European citizen.

The g-Eclipse project will provide an integrated Grid environment for Grid users, Grid operators and Grid developers. The g-Eclipse tool will be built on top of the open source Eclipse framework, and will bring together expertise from the academic Grid community and from the Eclipse community. The latter has a deep commercial penetration in the Information Technology industry. The g-Eclipse integrated Grid environment will allow user-friendly access to Grid resources by making the complexity of the Grid invisible. The architecture of the g-Eclipse framework will be made for reuse and extension to allow for easy adaptation by new Grid applications. The g-Eclipse project will address three major groups in the Grid domain: Grid users will benefit from the Windows-like access to Grid resources; Grid operators and resource providers will be able to reduce the time-to-service by the Grid management and Grid site configuration tools; and Grid application developers will reduce the time-to-market for new Grid applications by accelerating the development and deployment cycle.

The g-Eclipse project will foster an open source community to guarantee the sustainability of the g-Eclipse framework. The project will be built by six partners from five European countries - five experienced academic partners and one highly skilled industrial partner from the Eclipse community. Due to the size of the project, and its focused targets, the management structure is as light weighted as possible. In the future the g-Eclipse integrated Grid environment will be an essential part of the Grid Toolbox.

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