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Interactive European Grid Project

The vision of the project is the deploying and operating an interoperable production-level e-Infrastructure for demanding interactive applications that will impact the daily work of researchers. The main features of this scientific initiative are:

  • Distributed Parallel (MPI) Interactive Computing and Storage at the Tera level
  • User Friendly Access through a Grid Interactive Desktop with powerful visualization
  • Supporting Virtual Organizations at all levels: setup, collaborative environment, grid enhancement of applications, execution and monitoring tools, discussion of results.

We encourage researchers and application developers who are working on the big or complex scientific problems and are looking for higher throughput distributed parallel computer resources to run their compute- and data-massive applications on the INT.EU.GRID infrastructure to get results in a reasonable time period.

Your application will be supported at all levels: to adapt the legacy application to the MPI and Grid framework, providing developers guide and helpdesk, access to a testbed for trials and pre-deployment, support to setup the corresponding Virtual Organization, monitoring tools to assess the impact of executing in a Grid framework, etc.

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