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DORII Deployment of Remote Instrumentation Infrastructure

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[Deployment of Remote Instrumentation Infrastructure

  • Time frames: 1.03.2008-31.09.2010
  • Contract No: FP7 RI-211693
  • Project homepage:

The DORII project is supported by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no. RI-213110. DORII started in Feb 2008 and has a duration of 30 months. The project aims to deploy e-Infrastructure for new scientific communities, where on the one hand ICT technology is still not present at the appropriate level today, while on the other hand it is demanded to empower the communities? daily work.

The main focus of the DORII project is on groups of scientific users with experimental equipment and instrumentation that are currently not or only partially integrated in the European e-Infrastructures. At present, following selected scientific areas are represented in the project:

  • Earthquake community (with various sensor networks)
  • Environmental science community
  • Experimental science community (with synchrotron and free electron lasers)

These scientific communities are well recognised and organised even in the industrial area represented by SMEs. In practice, this means that the organisations are members of bigger consortia which deal with the topics mentioned above, but also focus on research aiming for a better experimental environment.

Working closely with end-users, solutions will be put in place that build upon the success of past and ongoing projects in such areas as remote instrumentation (GRIDCC, RINGrid), interactivity (, software frameworks for application developers (g-Eclipse) and advanced networking technologies (GN2) with EGEE based middleware.

Finally, to insure the interoperability and sustainability of DORII, DORII will promote standardisation and knowledge transfer via e-IRG and OGF research groups.

The DORII project will deliver solutions based on proven methodologies and technology while minimising risk through regular communication with end-users and exploitation of results with recognized organizations.

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